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It was here that the Papal Schism was ended and Pope Martin V was elected during the only conclave ever held north of the Alps.

Ulrich von Richental's illustrated chronicle of the Council of Constance testifies to all the major happenings during the Council as well as showing the everyday life of medieval Konstanz.

Konstanz became part of the German Empire in 1871 during the unification of Germany.

After World War I it was included within the Republic of Baden.

North of the river lies the larger part of the city with residential areas, industrial estates, and the University of Konstanz; while south of the river is the old town, which houses the administrative centre and shopping facilities in addition to the Hochschule or the University of Applied Sciences.

Car ferries provide access across Lake Constance to Meersburg, and the Katamaran provides a shuttle service for pedestrians to Friedrichshafen.

This small town on the left bank of the Rhine was probably first called Drusomagus and belonged to the Roman province of Raetia.

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Around 40 AD, the first Romans settled on the site.The Konzilgebäude where the conclave was held can still be seen standing by the harbour.Close by stands the Imperia, a statue that was erected in 1993 to satirically commemorate the Council.In the Swabian War of 1499, Konstanz lost its last privileges over Thurgau to the Confederation.The Protestant Reformation took hold in Konstanz in the 1520s, headed by Ambrosius Blarer.

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